No Fax Payday Advances in Austin – Roll Out!

When you don’t have the chance to get to a fax machine because you’re too busy “dodgy bullets” and helping bring freedom and democracy to other countries, sometimes your good “weapon” is no fax payday advances! Can you imagine buying off the soldiers that are fighting for the old, outmoded way of life just because it was how things were established by their elected government? Can you imagine using no fax payday advances to bring freedom to more people than ever before? That’s right – we’re spreading the voice of democracy and capitalism across the planet and when you get financial systems in place like our own, soon the people in these countries will want things that only Austin payday cash advances and the like can bring to them.


They’ll want things, more things than they can afford, more things than they need and they’ll do anything to get them. Then, when it comes time to pay their bills, they’ll be needing our no fax payday advances! That’s right! We’re going to be able to pay off this war thanks to our getting the money we need to rebuild the countries we destroy from their own citizens! Isn’t that genius? That’s the sort of fiscal planning that makes us real neoconservatives – the no fax payday advances economy will help us more than any at-home planning and consideration of what some infrastructure examination can do for America!


With our payday advances bringing in unethically high fees and interest, we can be ahead of the world and make sure that other countries quiver when they hear our name! We can ensure that, through no fax payday advance loans, we can hold countries that don’t agree with us hostage on an economic level, making sure that we get $20 over the initial $300,000,000,000 that we’re ended up putting into their economy! We work hard to make sure that no faxing payday advances can crush other countries!

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