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Find how no fax payday loan options can rescue you
My troops fell around me like toothpicks that were being repeatedly pummeled by a large man with steel-toed boots. Damn, man. It is always something. Somehow I should have seen it coming, although it’s hard to predict this kind of thing. I knew that I had made a mistake by buying the cheap body armor from that shop in Austin, but what choice did I have? I had no money and there was no way to get a payday loan, or so I thought.


My Lieutenant was bawling me out and making sure I knew how much he was looking forward to tearing me a new one that I heard the four words that would make sure my life was immensely better: no fax payday loan in Austin, TX.


“Wait, wait, wait. L.T, are you telling me I don’t need a fax machine to secure payday loans from some of the companies that are out there?”


“That’s exactly what I’m telling you, Kline. You’d not be writing a bunch of letters to parents and widows right now if you’d used a no faxing payday loan to secure up to $1000 for your troops to get the armor that they needed. You know that the military loves to skimp on things. I use them all the time to make sure we’ve got Ammo and whatever we need here until they finally send down the checks that let us tackle the problem ourselves.”


“Where can you get a no fax payday loan, L.T.?”


“The internet can literally choke a donkey with its information on no fax payday loans.”


“You know that’s not possible, so stop misusing literally, sir.”


“Do you want to know about a no fax payday loan or do you want to get into Semantics? I’ve got rank and meanness on you, Kline. I’ll take you down fast. You disrespect me and the help I am trying to offer in the form of a faxless payday loan, and that’s that.”

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